Wetlands Algae Biogas

About the Project

About the Project:

Full Title: Wetlands, Algae and Biogas – a southern Baltic Sea eutrophication counteract project

Goal of the Project: The WAB project is a co-operation between 11 organizations working with water management, research, organization and agricultural issues in Poland and Sweden. The project is part-financed by the South Baltic Program. The project aims at establishing a local full-scale nutrient reduction cycle involving water biomass such as marine macroalgae and wetland plants/ freshwater plants as co-substrates for biogas production. POMCERT activities will result in a feasibility study regarding the preconditions in the Pomorskie region for utilization of water biomass for biogas production. POMCERT is also conducting experiments in a mobile biogas installation to test the effectiveness of biogas production from water biomass as co-substrates. Other partners work on predicting algae occurrences, trying out new techniques for collection of algae, spreading information about wetlands and the potential for biogas production to farmers and exchanging ideas with Swedish partners.

Start of the project: 2010-02-01, end of the project: 2012-12-31


  1. Management and Coordination
  2. Communication and dissemination
  3. Wetlands
  4. Algae
  5. Biogas

Contact persons for POMCERT: dr inż. Andrzej Tonderski, dr inż. Ksawery Kuligowski

More information can be received from Renata Smagacka